The Fallsbrae Railroad

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Open House Dec 1, 2, and 15

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Welcome to the Fallsbrae Railroad in Fallbrook!
Waterfalls, rivers, tunnels, trains & trestles... Come see the Railroad Empire!

The Fallsbrae Railroad currently has 5 separate lines with 13 different trains taking turns running on the tracks under full automated control.
The railroad has an old-time-e western theme and also a fun "anything goes" line separated by paver walkway.

The main feature of the railroad in addition to all the operating trains is a fast flowing river fed by three waterfalls and two lakes. A tunnel connects two worlds together; the make-believe and the real, with a sitting area and fire pit in the real world to marvel at the scaled down world.

The Fallsbrae Lake Loop runs 3 trains across waterfall #1 and around Lake Fallsbrae, with a station stop at Guajome. After the station stop the trains run down the side spur passing a rodeo then into a reversing loop where trains greet guests. All three trains take turns running, with full automatic controls of the reversing loop and synchronizing of the trains. Super fun to watch!

The Upper Fallsbrae Loop runs two trains in a fun realistic manner over a 20 foot double track bridge and trestle which crosses over the Fallsbrae river, then passes in front of waterfall #2. This is a passing siding with block control. When a train is parked on one side of the double trestle, the approaching train will pass by without stopping. Once a safe distance away the parked train will accelerate and enter the main line, following the first train. After running a little, this train will slow down and pause waiting for the stopped train at the Fallsbrae station to pick up passengers and leave the station. The train at Fallsbrae station will then proceed and park on the double trestle waiting to be passed by the train that was previously parked there. It's a fun "leap-frog" operation where the trains cross over the Fallsbrae River twice, and will stop once, twice or three times depending on where the other train is on the tracks.

The Lower Fallsbrae Loop allows long trains to run around a fire pit and under the double track bridge, crossing the Fallsbrae River twice and then entering the tunnel. Two trains run on this track, with acceleration/deceleration block control so the trains are spaced apart. This track follows the Fallsbrae River then crosses the river twice before waterfall #3.

There are also mining operations working near the town of Fallsbrae, with 3 different mining trains operating the mine. This is a simple back-and-forth with 3 mine trains taking turns.

The "Anything Goes" track has some very interesting operations! Wizard-of-Oz land is on the line, with a train which carries all the people of Oz. Winnie-the-Poo also has some real estate on the line, in addition to Alice and her Wonderland. For some reason there are clones of Jack watching the trains pass by also! The station has a fun collection of childhood memories in G scale, and they all wait for the 3 trains that service the station.

A special treat for the Holidays are special themed areas, with even more trains running! 8 additional tracks are added, running around Christmas trees and miniature cities! Festive music, food, refreshments and TRAINS are everywhere!!

Come See Our Railroad!

When visiting you CAN bring your own train to run and watch it operate on the railroad! (As long as it's not a weird battery or DCC train.)
YES the Railroad is easy handicap access everywhere.