The Fallsbrae Railroad in Bonsall


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Today there are 5 trains running with Phoneix sound. Three European trains take turns running on the reversing Flower Bed RR and two western trains run at the same time on the main Fallsbrae Railroad.

The Fallsbrae RR currently has three station stops with two trains sharing a common track. A water stop occurs in the far reversing loop for interest, and a stop also occurs to synchronize the trains. Once a train enters the reversing track section the waiting train then proceeds across the waterfall to the station. This gives some interest to a relatively short piece of track; with two trains running at the same time and stopping at the station very realistically. Also of interest is a telegraph operating in the train station. Every few minutes a messages comes in which is "CURTIS ROECKS FALLSBRAE RR SOS SOS SOS" (I added the SOS just to see if anybody notices that it's a real morse code message). The Rodeo may be familiar since it spent the Summer at the SD County Fair, with the addition of a popcorn machine that runs every few minutes.

Future track plans are in place, with sprinkler pipe and tunnels to show where the track will run. This is an "in progress" open house; although a huge amount of "behind the scenes" progress has already been done.

Eventually there will be two 3 track sidings, and blocked sections which will allow 10 or more trains to be "on line" and running at the same time, each train taking turns traveling over every inch of rail. The track plan will allow either 4 separate loops or one big loop where the trains will go everywhere, with automatic switching, etc.

All power for the railroad comes from a single 24 AMP 17 volt power supply which feeds the StationMaster controllers that power the track sections. Because the StationMaster controllers have current sensing shut down circuitry there are no issues with derails or short circuits that sometimes occur in the real world. This much power could melt plastic rail isolators and destroy train motors on a short circuit. (Ask me how I know!) The telegraph and popcorn machies are controlled by two YardMasters. One puts out the morse code by turning on a realy, and the other turns on the popcorn machine every couple of minutes. On the Flower Train there is a lighthouse that is controlled by a StationMaster. Notice that the light flashes as it "goes around". This is actually a 12 volt halogen lamp.

The stockholders and civil engineers for the Fallsbrae Railroad (My Beautiful Wife & I) would like to thank Andy Kann for stopping by every now and then to give advice and direction, and John & Carol Vernon for donating hundreds of scale feet of trestles.

When visiting you CAN bring your own train to run and watch it operate on the railroad! (As long as it's not a weird battery or DCC train.)
YES the Railroad is easy handicap access everywhere.